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Vodka Exclusive

Alternative vodka is made from the finest wheat spirit, which is seven times distilled. It is filtrated in five distillation steps. In its production the unique technology PMP is used and it was developed and patented in Slovakia. The combination of this technology and crystal clear water rich in minerals gave to Alternative vodka a unique flavor and perfect purity.

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Vodka Apple Tea -  WINTER

Apple in combination with cinnamon warms up cold winter nights and evokes positive emotions and memories of hot summer days at the unforgettable alternative party.

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Vodka Cream -  AUTUMN

Dominant flavours of vanilla and caramel provide this drink with a rich and delicious aroma which expresses various autumn moods. Vodka cream represents mysticism, nostalgia and comfort at the moment of savour.

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Vodka Mojito-  SPRING

The flavour of vodka mojito comes from the traditional Cuban cocktail Mojito consisting of fresh mint leaves, white rum, raw cane sugar, lime and sparkling water. Vodka mojito is meant for all those who like to venture into new flavours.

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Vodka Mandarine - SUMMER

Represents the right ingredient for a summer party. The flavour of vodka mandarine combines a mixture of citrous fruit, it is refreshing and meant for all those who know how to party and who want to experience a great hot summer alternative party.




For every successful vodka is at the first place a spirit of high quality. In Nestville Distillery is necessary to keep the production process. For the best quality of each bottle of Alternative vodka, we have to start by selection and buying the best quality wheat.

An inseparable part of the spirit production is water. A water we use comes from Belianske Tatry nature. A research showed off the unique composition enriched for minerals Ca, Fe, Mg. By the combining of water and wheat we pass into spirit production process.

The spirit chosen for Alternative Vodka is one of the cleanest wheat spirits. Thanks to a unique manufacturing technology – the 7-column distillation and subsequent 5-times filtration - we get special cleanliness, delicious taste and perfect purity.

Alternative Vodka has its own uniqueness, which is a product of Slovak technology innovation and it is the img-pmp-logo-original (abbreviated from the English "Process of magnetic polarization"). This method, which basis is the process of magnetic polarization represents the real breakthrough in production of vodka. The basis of the new technology is to achieve the "right" orientation of the bonds between molecules of ethanol and water in a defined magnetic field. Ethanol molecule "coated with a water" operates its charge on the surface of the receptor cells and by the change in polarization of the membrane causes the taste perception. Thanks to this Alternative vodka acquires hallmark of softness and smoothness. These new features enrich vodka on a whole new dimension and move it to the new generation of vodka.




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Mandar-ine “i”

4 cl alternative vodka mandarine

2 cl sirup mandarine

4 cl ananásová štava

6 cl multivitamín džús

1 cl citrónová štava / fresh /

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Red & Pure

2 cl alternative vodka pure

2 cl sirup passion fruit

4 cl ananásová štava

2 cl čierna ríbezľa džús

2 cl citrónová štava / fresh /

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Litchito Mojito

6 cl alternative vodka mojito

2 cl sirup litchi

1/8 limeta

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Caramel Cream

4 cl alternative vodka cream

2 cl sirup caramel

6 cl smotana 33%

2 cl ananásová štava

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4cl vodky Alternative Mandarine

1cl water melón sirupu

0,5cl jasmín sirupu

0,5cl citrónovej šťavy

3cl pomarančového džúsu

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2cl vodky Alternative Exclusive pure

1,5cl triple see

1cl pomegranate sirupu

2cl pomarančového džúsu

3cl cranberry džúsu

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Alternative mini mojito

4cl flavoured vodka mojito

1/8 limeta

lístok mäty

trstinový cukor

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Alternativ 52

4cl pure vodka exclusive

1cl tatra balzam special 52

pomaranč, škorica

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